Our new pastor, Dr. Andrew Kerr, will be preaching in Ridgefield Park from Nov. 27 to Dec. 12 and will be preaching each week beginning on January 2, 2021.

Andrew, a former surgeon, served as a pastor in Ireland for the past 18 years, is married to Hazel, a family medical doctor, and dad to Rebekah, Paul and Andrew. He loves skiing, rugby-football, cricket, running, travel, music and reading books. He is a regular walker of Lucy, the family Bernese Mountain Dog. He is currently professor of Old Testament Languages and Literature at The Reformed Theological College in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

He has a passion to preach the Christ  of the Old & New Testament Scriptures, to disciple fellow believers in Jesus & to see God save the lost – Andrew is aware of his deep need of God’s grace.

Elder Glen Chin came to faith in Jesus Christ in the 1970’s and has been an elder since 1989.  Glen is a landscape architect and lives with his wife in Teaneck, NJ.    He likes reading, gardening, jazz music, and golf.

Elder David Weir came to faith in Christ at a young age and has been an elder since 1989. He is a history professor and lives with his wife and youngest son in Bronxville, New York. He takes care of a cemetery owned by the congregation, and enjoys classical music and trips to visit his three grown children.

The Atlantic Presbytery appointed retired pastor, Charles Leach, as Interim Moderator of our Session to help oversee the life and work of the congregation. Charles and his wife, Sue, have 6 grown children. He has served as a missionary pastor in Kita-Suzurandai and Kasumgaoka, Japan, and also in Coldenham, New York.
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